4 Benefits of Using Fingerprint Scanner

4 Benefits of Using Fingerprint Scanner

With the advancement of technology, the use of fingerprint scanners is getting a lot more common in the security industry. Being used in both physical and digital security. 

Within the Integrated Security Solution, fingerprint scanner is part of the access control system. Where it is used to identify and authenticate, or as an additional layer of security in two-factor authentication. 

Becoming more commonly used, what are the advantages of having a fingerprint scanner to protect your assets?

  1. Increase in Security

The very first advantage of using a fingerprint scanner is obviously the increase in security, especially if it is used as a device to do two-factor authentication. Adding an additional layer of security in the access control system. 

By using it as a device to do two-factor authentication, any person that wants to gain access to your assets/facilities need to give additional information (in this case, their fingerprint), to get authorization. 

Hence, ensuring that only authorized people will have access to your assets/facilities. Enhancing your security and mitigating your security risk. 

1. Uniqueness

A fingerprint scanner is part of a larger group of security devices called biometric devices. These devices will automatically identify and verify the identity of the person using it based on their physiological or behavioral characteristics. Other devices include facial recognition and voice recognition.

The advantage of using biometric security devices (including fingerprint scanner) in controlling access to your assets/facilities are the unique information required to be given by the person trying to gain access.

Fingerprint, being unique to everyone, makes it harder to forge. In return, ease the automation process of authorization of information. 

2. Accountability

Because of its uniqueness, the use of fingerprint scanners as a means of identification and verification will ensure the accountability of the person that uses it. 

The fingerprint needs to be inputted in the access control database so that it can be identified and verified by the system. Determining the person’s level of authorization. This is different from using keys (mechanical or electrical) that consider the one using it. 

This will be especially handy for you to observe any activities regarding the access of your assets/facilities. Furthermore, if any security incidents happen, fingerprints will be hard to deny evidence to determine the people responsible for the incident.

3. Effectiveness

Considering the process of identification and verification are done automatically, the use of fingerprint scanners will increase your security effectiveness and the daily operation in your facilities. 

By using a fingerprint scanner, your employees don’t have to wait for another person that holds the key to your facilities or remember a password they would need to gain access to your facility and start their daily activities. 

Securing Your Assets with Nawakara

With the rapid advancement of technology, the use of fingerprint scanners has become a lot more common in an integrated security system. 

Its ease of use and the increase of security it gives make the fingerprint scanner one of the most important devices for your access control system. 

As a security company that adapts with technological changes to increase its security service quality it provides, Nawakara is ready to be your partner in helping you to protect your assets/facilities. 

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