Understanding Nawakara’s Event Security & Close Protection

Understanding Nawakara’s Event Security & Close Protection

As a security company, Nawakara are able to provide you with event security & close protection to help you run safe and secure events. 

From national to international scale events, an event security service is needed to minimize any kind of security incidents while maintaining your reputation as an event organizer that organizes safe and secure events based on the security risk assessments. So, what can you expect from our event security & close protection service?


Event Security

As the name suggests, event security is security activities provided by a security company for an event such as Nawakara, in cooperation with government institutions or stakeholders if needed.

The main goal of event security is to ensure the safety of the event attendees and staff in addition to protecting the venue and properties from being damaged. Securing the event from possible security incidents such as thievery, commotions, and even acts of terrorism. 

Such potential security incidents should be anticipated. Utilizing existing resources to enable effective and efficient security activities while reducing unnecessary security expanses. 

Hence, a security event planning must be done first. 


Event Security Planning

Several things that must be considered in event security planning are, to name a few:

  • The scale of the event

In this context, understanding the scale of the event is done to determine the number of people that will be involved in the event. This includes the number of staff and third-party merchants that will be in the event location, in addition to the attendees. 

In doing so, the number of security personnel to be placed in the event location should be adjusted. 

  • The venue

A comprehensive understanding of an area to be secured is crucial in doing security activities, and securing an event is not an exception. Implementing one of the elements of security concept, i.e., crime prevention through environmental design. 

An event venue obviously must be chosen based on the kind of event to be held. In relation to security activities, several things to be considered are the size of the venue, access points, evacuation routes in case incidents happen, the use of fences if the event is held outdoors, etc. 

Choosing the wrong venue could lead to many kinds of security incidents, especially overcrowding. Where the number of people in the venue exceeds its capacity. 

There are a lot of cases where overcrowding becomes the cause of an event to be stopped. Especially with the still on-going Covid-19 pandemic. 

A good security service company will give extra attention regarding the venue. So that the security system and measures used will be implemented as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

There are still a lot of things to be considered in planning event security. That will be used to determine the different kinds of role of security guard personnel in the event.

The Different Kinds of Roles of Security Guard Personnel in an Event

Overall, the main goal of having security guard personnel at an event is to protect and maintain order in the event. But to achieve that, there are several roles with different duties to be fulfilled. 

Depending on the capabilities of the individual, a security guard personnel can be tasked to, for example:

  • Guarding Access Point

Guarding the access point is the most common duty of security guard personnel in an event. Being the first layer of event security, this role is obviously crucial.

Even if security activities such as bag check or ticket check are done by electronic devices at the access point, the placement of security guard personnel in the access point is done to maintain order and to ease response if any incidents are to occur.

Hence, ensuring that entry to the event venue is given only to authorized attendees and preventing any disturbance that could affect the smooth running of the event. 

  • Patrol

An event held in a large venue will also need security guard personnel to conduct patrol, observing every kind of activity that happens in the event. 

Having security guard personnel to patrol at an event will heavily quicken the response time if any security incidents happen anywhere in the venue and assist attendees to the emergency exit if an emergency happens. Giving them a peace of mind in attending the event. 

While other roles and responsibilities are equally important, there is one role of security guard personnel in an event that needs to be written separately. Namely, security guards that are responsible for close protection. 

Close Protection Security Service

An event is usually attended by influential person, that come either as attendees or performers. Because of their social status, it is very likely that these people will become the center of attention. 

Their presence in an event might add the event value, but at the same time increase the chance of security incidents happening. 

Whether they are celebrities or country officials, incidents such as disturbance caused by their fans to a more extreme act that could threaten life. Hence, additional security measures are needed to protect these Very Important People (VIPs).

This is where close protection security services come in. If event security’s main objective is to protect the event, then close protection security service main objective is to protect this particular individual in the event. 

The security guard personnel tasked to do close protection needed specialized training. Not only that they need to have the ability to protect the individual wherever they go, but also the ability to communicate well. 

Always alert with the situation around the person they are protecting, communicating with them well if any kind of security accidents happens, acting as efficiently and effectively as possible.

These personnel will also require maintaining the privacy of the individual they are protecting. Giving them peace of mind and sense of security without hindering their activities. 

Securing with Nawakara

As a trusted security company in Indonesia, our event security & close protection services can provide you with the security of your event tailored to its needs and requirements. 

By trusting the security aspect in your event with us, you can focus on other important aspects to ensure the smooth running of your event. 

For further information on our event security & close protection service, feel free to contact us through this link.


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