Prevent Trespassing

Prevent Trespassing

Trespassing is the most common security breach complained about by Nawakara’s clients and prospective clients. Trespassing itself refers to a violation that occurs when someone enters a premises without permission and/or is not recorded in the premises security system.

Trespassing offences are not necessarily a serious security threat. Trespassing offences can also occur unintentionally, especially in large areas of business operations such as mining adjacent to residential areas, where trespassing can occur when people simply want to pass through the area of operations.

However, trespassing has the potential to quickly turn into a very serious security threat when the person committing the offence has the intention to commit criminal acts such as vandalism, theft, or even sabotage.

Therefore, an optimal security system is needed to eliminate trespassing offences. Thus, minimising the risk of things that can harm business people, both physically and financially. Then, how does Nawakara do it?

Perimeter Determination

The perimeter is the outer limit of the secured area. Physically, a perimeter is usually characterised by a wall or fence. However, it can also be in the form of stakes or boundary markers for very large business areas.

The establishment of a perimeter serves not only to demarcate the area to be secured, but also to prevent trespassing offences. Either because there is a physical barrier that does not allow access, or because there is a sign indicating that access past the sign is an offence.

Access Control System

Access Control System is a security system that serves to control access to the secured area, where access can only be done through predetermined points with the number adjusted to the area secured.

In general, these access points are separated between people, vehicles, and loading/unloading of goods. This minimises the potential for disruption of daily business operations.

Not only does it help eliminate trespassing, the Access Control System is also implemented internally. Where workers/employees can only access locations that are in accordance with their authority. 

Visitor Management System

In general, a Visitor Management System or VMS is a system that is integrated together with an Access Control System. Through this system, every person who enters through the access points can be identified and recorded.

With the advancement of technology, VMS can be done digitally. This makes data collection of each visitor more efficient. Through a pre-built database, VMS also allows automation of access granting according to the type of visitor. For example, the granting of access will automatically differ between guests and employees.

Thus, real-time security of the work environment will be optimised. Clear visitor data will also make it easier to identify if things go wrong.

CCTV & Alarm System

This technological advancement can also be felt in securing against the threat of trespassing through CCTV and Alarm System. Currently, they are two inseparable components for perimeter security.

CCTV functions as an “eye”, providing a real-time picture of all activities around its installation points. While the Alarm System is used to provide information (through the sound of an alarm) when a security disturbance occurs. In the context of trespassing, the alarm trigger occurs when sensors that have been placed at certain points to detect early movement or even body heat that indicates an attempt to access the secured area through points that should not be.

Through this combination, perimeter security can be optimised and streamlined. Especially in very large security areas.

Command Centre

The entire integrated system is controlled in a Command Centre. Where the Command Centre functions to conduct 24/7 surveillance of the secured area.

So that when a trigger occurs on the Alarm System, the Command Centre will provide direction to officers in the field to respond quickly.

Thus, the necessary security measures can be taken immediately. Avoid the potential occurrence of things that are at risk of harm and harm.

Preventing Trespassing with Nawakara

Trespassing is a violation that will at least disrupt business activities and cause an uncomfortable work environment, but also has the potential to cause great physical and financial losses when the perpetrators aim to commit crimes such as vandalism or sabotage. Thus, optimal and integrated security is required.

With more than 20 years of experience, Nawakara is able to provide the right solution to prevent trespassing through the plan-prevent-protect framework.

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