BUJP: What does it mean?

BUJP: What does it mean?

BUJP: What does it mean?

BUJP is an abbreviation of “Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan” which is the official term used in the The Regulation of the Chief of the Indonesian National Police No. Pol.: 17 of 2006 (Perkap No. 17 Tahun 2006) that refers to an Indonesian business entity in the form of a limited liability company that engaged in manned guarding supply, training and educating security personnel, cash and valuables security escort, security consultancy, implementing security devices and K9 services”.

A company that wanted to be officially recognized as a security services company or BUJP needed to follow the rule that was written in the Perkap

BUJP’s in Indonesia have an association called Indonesian Security Association or ABUJAPI (Asosiasi Badan Usaha Jasa Pengamanan Indonesia) that was founded in 2006 and have been a partner of the government/Indonesian National Police. 

The goal of ABUJAPI is to synergize and create a harmonized relationship between security companies in Indonesia. 


Things that a BUJP could handle

So, what are the things that a BUJP could handle?

From security guards or satpam (satuan pengamanan) in Indonesian, implementation of security devices such as CCTV to a more specific security handling such as the security management of a National Vital Object (OBVITNAS) and the implementation of ISPS code for port, BUJP plays an important role in securing different kinds of sectors and industries. 

How many BUJP are there in Indonesia?

Based on the data provided by ABUJAPI, as per writing this article, there are nearly 1,300 BUJP at Central level and 558 Representative Membership across Indonesia. 

At the Central level – with 564 BUJP – most of its members are located in Jakarta. While most of the Representative Membership – with 115 BUJP – members are located in its neighboring province, West Java. 

With that many members, ABUJAPI plays a central role in overseeing and connecting each BUJP business interests. 

So, with that many choices of security services company or BUJP, you might be wondering which of these companies is the right one for your security needs?

One of the tips in choosing the right BUJP is to consider a company that could provide you with comprehensive security services. Does a BUJP have an integrated solution that could cover all of your security needs? 

This thing should be considered, as your security needs depend on a lot of aspects. So, a BUJP that gives you comprehensive security services should be your choice. 


Nawakara as an integrated security solution

As one of the numerous security services providers or BUJP, Nawakara Security Solutions will be your partner that provides your comprehensive solutions for all your security needs. 

From security consultancy service to providing security guards and security devices that will enhance your overall protections for your security needs. 

With our Plan-Prevent-Protect framework, Nawakara will be your BUJP that offers a comprehensive solution where all of your security needs will be covered. 

Or in our words, Nawakara will be your one stop service solution


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