CCTV: Then and Now

CCTV: Then and Now

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) is a closed system that consists of a video camera installed in a strategic place in an area and a display device or monitor that displays the image captured by the camera through wired or wireless networks.

The image that was displayed on the monitor could be watched in real-time or in the form of recorded video with the help of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

In this day and age, CCTV is a common thing that can be found in a lot of different places.

From your own house, and big companies’ offices, to public places, CCTV commonly functions as video surveillance to monitor activities in those places.

Right now, CCTV is mostly used for security reasons. To enhance the efficiency of security in places it is monitored.

Though it could be considered as modern technology, CCTV has gone through a lot of transformations. From its technology to its applications.

Brief History of CCTV

According to multiple sources, the history of the CCTV system could be traced back to 1942. In this war era, a German engineer named Walter Burch designed and installed the first analogue CCTV camera (that could only capture black & white) for a company that is known today as Siemens AG.

Back then, this first CCTV installation was used by the Germans to monitor the launch of V-2 rockets from a bunker that was located at a safe distance. The CCTV could only be used to monitor in real time, as video recording is not yet available.

The ability of a CCTV system to record images it captured efficiently started with the use of VCR (Video Cassette Recorded) technology in the 1970s. The use of VCR made CCTVs to be more commonly used for security purposes, especially in stores.

The Digital Video Recorder or DVR first appeared at the end of the 1990s. Though the use of Hard Disk Drive in CCTV systems to store videos captured by the cameras, first appeared in the early 2000s.

This technological advancement provides a big step to enhance the quality and efficiency in using CCTV to enhance security measures. Something that we are used to right now.

Nawakara’s CCTV

In Nawakara, CCTV is a part of Nawakara Electronic Security System. With our partners, Nawakara could provide you with all kinds of CCTV suited to your needs.

Below is several of CCTV that Nawakara have;

1. Dome CCTV

As the name suggests, dome CCTVs are a dome shaped CCTV camera that could provide efficient monitoring in an indoor area. Using small lens that could provide 360o view, dome CCTVs are well-suited for monitoring specific points thoroughly.

2. Turret CCTV

An alternative to dome CCTV, turret CCTVs are also commonly used indoors. This type of CCTV could also be equipped with an infrared module, making it more reliable in detecting objects in darkness.

Unlike dome CCTVs, turret CCTVs are not equipped with an outside shield. Because of that, turret CCTVs won’t have glare effect.


PTV CCTVs have a lot of models and features that you could choose to suit your needs. Using tandem view installation technique, there won’t be any blank spot by using PTZ CCTVs. Highly reducing risks of work accidents and criminal activities in the monitored places.

4. IPTV Camera

IPTV Camera is the heavily demanded CCTV in the residential area right now. A little bit different then the analogue CCTV, IPTV Camera uses IP (Internet Protocol), which connects it to the internet and enables you to watch the stream from any supported devices you have.

Whatever the model is, CCTVs are an important part in the comprehensive security solutions within Nawakara’s Plan-Prevent-Protect framework.


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